Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some things

So i fugred its been a while since i updated this. With Google Adwords now working, with a good chunk of money on it, i think i should.
I tried to make this blog on my English Lit class, but thats too dumb. So i think im gonna go with quote of the day and a good game. And that quote might be of the month, you never know. Right now, just a few things. I heard that "The Company of Myself" is a good flash game. Its really symbolic if you're into that. Its a man, who has to go through his life without the help of his only friend and lover, in the form of a platformer. Dead Alice 1, 2, 3, are all games i would also recommend. They arent that symbolic, just really good games. Onto station games, I'm still playing Fallout New Vegas. That should say something. That im poor, lol. Its the newest game I have. you should defenitly play this. I cannot spell Definitly. definatly. definetly. close enough, ill go with that last one. Anyone who says you have to buy Minecraft is dumb. I made several hundred massive structures, for FREEEEEE.
"Your meant to lose the people you love, otherwise how would you know how important they are?"
Name unknown to anyone, Mrs. Harrison was the closest guess.           -Benjamin Button (2009?) 2008 after Google. Close enough.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Losing my Anger.

Another TLC writing project.

In about 5th grade I think, near the end, I lost my temper. I remember who it was, but I just won't say. He and his friends were playing soccer, and I was near the swings with my friends, talking. the ball came towards me, and so did he. I quickly picked up the ball that was still rolling at me, and he started to yell to give it back. If anyone knew me then, I couldn't kick a ball. if I tried, it went behind me. so I turned around to kick it to his friends. The moment I spun, he grabbed my hair. I had like, 10 inch long hair in the back so its an easy grab. That frickin' hurt, so I turned around, threw the ball at his face, tackled him, and got him in a chokehold. I almost got suspended for instigation, with him being the victim. But they realized he started it, so gave me 2 days suspended and him 4-5 days. I really could of handled this better. Just turning around, ignoring that, and tossing the ball would have been fine. But I can't change anything. What's done is done, learn from your mistakes, etc.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Wow. Seems like days with Mr. Ward are the only exciting ones. Romeo and Juliet's retardationness is still amusing. Seems like just yesterday we were laughing about raping women then cutting their heads off, but now were on to making fun of old, fat, ugly women by singing 'A Hare old Hoar,' which I still have no clue as to what a hoar is. All i know is that it sounds like WHORE, and that makes me LAUGH. More in a minute.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slowww month

Usually I'd preserve this space for my school work, the bullying, empathy, and whatever the other (2?) were. But because it's been slow in the blog entries, ill just post this rant.

I have just shaved my head for St. Baldricks baldness for cancer. I love my hair, I'm a guy, and my hair was long enough to donate to locks for love. Over 8 inches? Wow. I'm still getting used to it. I look like E.T., as a friend so eloquently put it. I feel cold, drafty, so thank god spring is coming soooon.

Studying Romeo & Juliet. Been almost looking forward to this. Almost. So far, it's opened with rape jokes, been going through with unintelligible out-dated babble. After Romeo meets Juliet for a total eye time of 2 1/2 minutes, he decides he wants to tap that 12 year old booty. And vice versa. Paris, Juliet's previous fiancee, is also 30. If you paid attention to the last sentence, she's 12. I understand it was different then, but C'MON!! This is creepy. Thank god my teacher has mutton chops or it could be way worse. Actually, Paris the Pedophile isn't so bad. When Romeo decides to hop a 9 foot wall into a place full of people who would kill him to watch someone he met for 2 1/2 minutes, he sees her come out. Resting her head on her gloved hand, he immediately thinks, 'Wow, I want to be that glove, just so I can be touching her cheek.' If could remember the olde timey words, you would think 'how romantic,' but now you realize he's stalking this girl, thinking of touching her face. I'm gonna update this as we go along. Also, if anyone has read this, I love the nurse, 4 teeth, and, as she said, "lost my maidenhead at the younger age of 12 years," which means she got laid in middle school. Awesome...

Fallout New Vegas! I needed spellchecker to spell Vegas! This game sucks some old donkey nipples. I accidentally took a old, scorched book from a table, and got shunned, and couldn't complete the quest. Dude, calm down, it's an unreadable book. This factions thing is really bad, where everything depends on the relationship with that area. Everything else is great. I'm not far enough to make any more comments, I'm level 4 and I've just helped Boone kill the store clerk for no reason. Bad idea?

Good lunch. Not needed, just needed to tell everyone I bought a 30cent double fudge walnut brownie in the high school. Healthy my ass. But I ain't even mad.

There's a time when a man needs to fight, and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny is lost... the ship has sailed and only a fool would continue. Truth is... I've always been a fool."
- Big Fish (2003)

Friday, March 11, 2011


I have seen bullying many times. The most notable was in summer camp of 2nd or 3rd grade. Not summer school, but summer camp, it was optional. To the point, we were doing arts and crafts and my friends made a lot of these cloth rope bracelet thingys. During recess, one of my friends actually told the others to tie him up. I sat down and watched them tie him while eating. Although he did tell them to tie them up, they started messing with him, kicking rocks and other minor stuff. Seeing as he was laughing, I didn't do a thing. A counselour came by, grabbed me, my friends, untied the tied up friend, and brought us all in. We actually had a minor "court" session, in which I was under prosecution for allowing it to happen. I was set free, but the other kids weren't. They hold no grudge, even though they were suspended.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Donald Virginia on Empathy

            About 5 years ago, I’m not sure on the exact date. My dog Hobbes had to be put down. This had been expected since we got him, because he had a bad ankle. We were actually surprised he was alive that long. But the pain got to be too much, so we had to put him down. Now, about a year ago, maybe over the summer of 2010, my friend’s dog died. His name was Austin, he was a great dog. His dog died because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The chimney cleaners blocked his chimney to clean, but never took the cap off. It could’ve been another reason, but I do know it was the chimney cleaners fault for the monoxide in his house. I feel sympathy because I know what it’s like to lose a favorite family pet in its prime, and unexpectedly. I only had a few days to get my dog ready to get put down, with some TLC. But he had no warning. I couldn’t imagine what that felt like. This is the best example of empathy, in my opinion.