Friday, May 6, 2011

Losing my Anger.

Another TLC writing project.

In about 5th grade I think, near the end, I lost my temper. I remember who it was, but I just won't say. He and his friends were playing soccer, and I was near the swings with my friends, talking. the ball came towards me, and so did he. I quickly picked up the ball that was still rolling at me, and he started to yell to give it back. If anyone knew me then, I couldn't kick a ball. if I tried, it went behind me. so I turned around to kick it to his friends. The moment I spun, he grabbed my hair. I had like, 10 inch long hair in the back so its an easy grab. That frickin' hurt, so I turned around, threw the ball at his face, tackled him, and got him in a chokehold. I almost got suspended for instigation, with him being the victim. But they realized he started it, so gave me 2 days suspended and him 4-5 days. I really could of handled this better. Just turning around, ignoring that, and tossing the ball would have been fine. But I can't change anything. What's done is done, learn from your mistakes, etc.


  1. well you know a 5th grader is still a kid so this is not really bad.

  2. Glad you learned from your mistakes! Not picking up the ball in the first place might have been the best choice ;P