Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some things

So i fugred its been a while since i updated this. With Google Adwords now working, with a good chunk of money on it, i think i should.
I tried to make this blog on my English Lit class, but thats too dumb. So i think im gonna go with quote of the day and a good game. And that quote might be of the month, you never know. Right now, just a few things. I heard that "The Company of Myself" is a good flash game. Its really symbolic if you're into that. Its a man, who has to go through his life without the help of his only friend and lover, in the form of a platformer. Dead Alice 1, 2, 3, are all games i would also recommend. They arent that symbolic, just really good games. Onto station games, I'm still playing Fallout New Vegas. That should say something. That im poor, lol. Its the newest game I have. you should defenitly play this. I cannot spell Definitly. definatly. definetly. close enough, ill go with that last one. Anyone who says you have to buy Minecraft is dumb. I made several hundred massive structures, for FREEEEEE.
"Your meant to lose the people you love, otherwise how would you know how important they are?"
Name unknown to anyone, Mrs. Harrison was the closest guess.           -Benjamin Button (2009?) 2008 after Google. Close enough.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Losing my Anger.

Another TLC writing project.

In about 5th grade I think, near the end, I lost my temper. I remember who it was, but I just won't say. He and his friends were playing soccer, and I was near the swings with my friends, talking. the ball came towards me, and so did he. I quickly picked up the ball that was still rolling at me, and he started to yell to give it back. If anyone knew me then, I couldn't kick a ball. if I tried, it went behind me. so I turned around to kick it to his friends. The moment I spun, he grabbed my hair. I had like, 10 inch long hair in the back so its an easy grab. That frickin' hurt, so I turned around, threw the ball at his face, tackled him, and got him in a chokehold. I almost got suspended for instigation, with him being the victim. But they realized he started it, so gave me 2 days suspended and him 4-5 days. I really could of handled this better. Just turning around, ignoring that, and tossing the ball would have been fine. But I can't change anything. What's done is done, learn from your mistakes, etc.